Social Club

Welcome to

Your Social Club!

A space where you can get involved in social activities and outdoor adventures with all the people you love to dance with.  We'll have 3 weekly activities planned: walks/hikes, an Ice Cream run and a Sip & Chat.  All in person!  We'll also schedule a picnic before the end of summer. 

All this for a low monthly fee to keep you active and connected. 


Join us today!

How it Works

Events will be posted weekly (Friday night at the latest) and all you need to do is RSVP so we know you are coming. 

Pick and choose which activity you'd like or join us for all of them, the choice is yours.


I hope you enjoy our new adventure and I invite and encourage you to get involved by giving feedback, and providing ideas for activities and outings.

Hope to see you in the club :)

Note: This is a paid subscription.  Only Club members will have access to the events and schedule.