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We are More Than Dance

Building a community

that dances and plays!


Together We Move



Your local dance hub for

movement, fun and social connection

Line Dancing

"Social" (ballroom)




Social Ativities


Our focus is to offer classes and activities in a fun

and joyful manner, with patience and understanding.
The emphasis is on fun; how our activities

make our clients feel is much more important than how perfectly they can dance.


We run our own classes as well as a variety of classes through your local community centres, seniors clubs and retirement homes.


Our Mission


To help everyone discover health, beauty and joy in life

through the exploration of movement in dance, yoga and fitness.

To Move together beyond dance and build

a supportive group of friends who share a love of movement

and have lots of fun doing it.

Meta - Self referrential, more than, beyond

Metta - from the sanskrit - In Loving Kindness (the Metta Prayer)

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