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Ready to Embrace Retirement?

Embark on a journey of joy, and fun with our
Ballroom Dance Classes

Join other people just like you who get together every week to laugh, have fun and move to music.

🎶 Add a touch of magic to your retirement.

Come dance with us!

Your journey into the world of ballroom awaits.


1 Hour Classes

Level I or II

Various Dance Styles

Patient & Experienced Instructor 

Beautiful Friendships


Retirement is your

new beginning!


It is a time filled with opportunities to savor life's beautiful moments. We invite you to join our vibrant community of retired and soon-to-be-retired individuals for an extraordinary Ballroom Dance experience.


#DanceCommunity #RetirementJoy

No stress, No pressure,

No worries

And, did we mention?

tons of FUN!

METTA_Group Shot (1) scaled2.jpg

Time to Check "Dance"

off your Bucket List!!

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