Social Club

Welcome to our Social Club!

A space where you can get involved in social activities and outdoor adventures with all the people you love to dance with.  We'll have weekly walks/hikes/picnics..... as well as weekly evening socials where we can swap skills, do a book club, play games, have drinks, whatever suits your fancy.  All our weekly activities will be posted on the events page on Sunday nights.

All this for a low monthly fee to keep you active and connected. 


Join us today!

Why a Social Club?


During the last year, it has become apparent that althoug staying connected is crucial to our mental and emotional health, not everyone has been comfortable or able to embrace the new virtual classes.  We need something else to connect us, to have fun and to keep moving.  You all love our yearly summer activities so I thought, why not make this a year round program.

I hope you enjoy our new adventure and I invite and encourage you to get involved by giving feedback, volunteering for some of the skill swap sessions and providing ideas for activities and outings.

Hope to see you in the club :)


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